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How We Work.

We are a group of multi-disciplinary building consultants whose expertise spans Building Surveying, Architecture and Project Management, enabling us to cross-pollinate our experience and partner with our clients to offer true end-to-end building consulting solutions.

At Section 1 our methodology lies in our collaborative collective. We apply the rigour of our specialist areas, alongside the bigger picture of broad perspective to avoid siloed thinking and blind spots.

Lifelong learning is central to Section 1’s philosophy and our core team all undertake continuous professional development so you can trust we’ll deliver breadth of experience and perspective. It’s this open-ended curiosity to our approach that sees us deliver our best work.

Our Approach

Section 1’s cross-functional methodology is part science, part art, blending systematic investigation and rigorous process with collaborative and creative problem-solving.

Our Philosophy

At Section 1 we hold at our core a belief that the finer details matter, and so do the people involved. Throughout every process, we commit to asking how else can we make this better?

Our Practice Leads each bring
a unique focus within our core
building consultancy services:

Frank Wiemann

Surveying Lead

Registered Building Surveyor (NZIBS)

LEADR Accredited Mediator (Association of Dispute Resolvers now the Resolution Institute)

Registered Architect (Chamber of Architects), Lower Saxony, Germany

Grit Fichter

Architecture Lead

Ing. Architekt (TU), Registered Architect (Germany) MIC (Hons.)

Grit’s approach to architecture brings together form, function and meaning. She followed her building apprenticeship with leadership roles as a registered architect in Germany, combining the practical side of construction with the creative. She then undertook post-graduate study in International Communication – adding a humanistic aspect to her tool kit.

With Grit’s leadership and perspective informing our underlying philosophy, our architectural projects take into consideration not just visual form, but the functional role of built environments and the meaning they come to hold for the people that use them. This means we bring a holistic approach to the role of architecture in our lives that results in finely crafted work that is thoughtful and imbued with meaning.

Michaela Cook

Project Management Lead

BEng(Hons., Civil)/BA USyd
MSc(ICM) UBath

Interested in a career or collaboration with Section 1? Email us at

We are multi-disciplinary building consultants who take briefs, problems and challenges, and turn them into fit-for-purpose solutions.